Furfural is used as a selective solvent to purify lubricating oils and rosin


Furfural is an organic compound that is generally extracted from hay grass or bark using a hydrolysis process. One of its main uses is as a selective solvent in the lubricating oil and rosin industries.

In lubricating oil refining, furfural is used as a solvent to remove contaminants from the oil. This process is known as the furfural extraction process. Furfural has the ability to dissolve in oil while attracting contaminants such as wax, paraffin, and other polar compounds. After the extraction process is completed, furfural can be separated from the oil by distillation, and the remaining oil becomes cleaner and purer.

In the rosin industry, furfural is also used to process purification. Rosin is a material obtained from pine tree sap and is used in various applications such as adhesives, inks, and other industrial products. The furfural extraction process can also be used to remove compounds.

The advantage of using furfural material as a selective solvent involves its ability to efficiently separate contaminants without damaging or altering the basic properties of lubricating oil or rosin. In addition, furfural can be recycled and reused in the extraction process.

Although furfural has very important industrial uses, it should be noted that some industries have been looking for more environmentally friendly alternatives due to furfural’s toxic or harmful properties. Thus, research continues to develop more environmentally friendly extraction methods in refining lubricating oil and rosin.


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